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Monday, September 7, 2009
Hear me out

Hi all ,

This would be my last post on blogger . . .

Changed my blog url to : http://queenie.onsugar.com/

To all my friends , pls relink me .

I cant contact some of you as your blog doesnt have chatbox , some privated their blogs.
Hopefully you will drop by here and left me a note at my new blog okie?

p/s : This site will remain to be here , just that i dont update at here anymore.
Maybe , i will be back someday =)

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Sunday, August 30, 2009
Hear me out

Nice scenery? Haha , took long ago at my house there . Orangey blue sky .
Romantic right?

Planning to sell away my lacey dress which i love so much .
But its very short on me . Sigh .
I hate to be tall seriously .

I resell-ed it at some reselling blog , at RM50 included pos .
I bought it at RM55 + RM6 pos .
Rugi alot arghhh~~~

I take some pictures of this piece , missing it much .
But have to let it go cause it's too short on me, right?

And not much interesting happens in my life nowdays .
Perhaps the launch of my blogshop is the one interesting ones .
Launched last week+ i guess , and now its heading to its closing .
Due to some circumstances , i guess it's gotta close down , within a month .

Just hope to clear all the stock on hand now .
Anyone interested pls visit :


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Monday, August 17, 2009
Hear me out

Today , 16 Aug is Lai Sin's bday .
So we all , the ex collegues of her plan to celebrate with her .
Cut it short , we reached the what Stadium Steamboat nearby Jln Yap Kwan Seng.
Ordered 2 crabs , a plate of lala , and steamboat for 3 .
We eat frm ard 8pm until 11pm+ . Pro? LOL.
Was slowly , slowly eat and slack .
Actually was waiting for someone but the end she and the husband didnt turn up.
When the bill came, it shocks me , RM220++ .
For only those 3 things above . Extremely exp . Gosh -.-
But nvm la.. nth can be done . =[

It's so expensive , dont go there lOls !

Pictures of the night :

The expensive grilled black pepper crab

The unique charcoal steamboat

Can come out fire one .. LOL

My fren , Belle helped me to dapao Krispy Kreme


Cake bought frm Cake Sense at KLCC

The birthday girl candid

Happy Birthday Lai Sin !

Showing off the Chocolate Mousse cake

Me at my toilet , tired

Time to sleep!
Goodnight !

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Friday, August 14, 2009
Hear me out

So unlucky today !
Went to KLCC food fair , but the timing we went, they almost close ler.
So not much food to eat T_T

Managed to grab some drinks , cakes , ice-cream , hotdogs, popcorns ..
And dad's Korean friend gave me some rice crackers home .
Not bad luhs .

While q-ing up for free popcorns!

Some exhibit banner..

After that , me and Kim , went to Chilis for dinner.
Its just ard 5.40pm that time . But im hungryyY!
Ordered a meal for each of us , but we alrdy predicted we cant finish it .. .



Mine ~~ They have the yummiest marsh potato in the world

Yummy ~~`

Kim cute and happy face

After that we walked a while ... visit Stuart Weitzman .. .
Then we go home. Bought 3 cakes for my sis and Kreko!
Tiramisu , Strawberry yogurt and Oreo cheese for RM16 ~
She only ate the Tiramisu first .

The taste so-so only .. haha

Photo of the day

One of the reason i seldom smile in my pics ... cuz i got 2 lil "vampire" tooth . tsk

Tired lehhhh

So long tata~~

Going to sleep!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009
Hear me out

Huuu Haaaaa!!!!

Today kena forced go out to pei my sis to register Guitar lesson .
But first we went to Sg Wang there 1st , cuz i wanna trim my eyebrow .
Walked for some times and bought some comics as usual .
And we took Neoprints! But home no scanner , so Monday only can upload .

Then we bought a guitar , RM250 for her.
Called dad and he agrees but pay using my card . Arghh~~
Then carrying the guitar ard , dam heavy!
After that went to Delifrance for lunch ard 2pm .
Had my favourite Lobster Bisque and Seafood lasagna .
Yummy both is my favourites!
Ordered Ice Peach Tea but its toooo sweeeet!

Passed by Empro shop and had my eyebrow trimmed by the aunty there.
She sounds professional . Haha .
The trimming and styling is just RM10 only. Its on the 4th floor, nearby the Chamber of Music .
Thn she told me about permanent eyebrow treatment bla bla etc.
Only RM388 . No pain , no needle. Hmm .... almost tempted HAHA!

Then we walk somemore to 6th floor and both a shirt , RM20.
After that we going down and left Sg wang.

Went to Pandan Kapital to register the lesson ..
RM45 for 2 lessons . And total up is RM155 .
I feel like learning piano ...
but i knw someone can teach me for free .
But ahhh im lazyyyy~~~

Then we went to Coffee House to eat ice-cream~
LOve the mint and green tea icecream there .
Sis have Chocolate and Strawberry .
We also shared a pot of claypot lou shu fun . Yummy~
Then we head home .

Pictures of the day~~

My pimple mark... FASTER GO AWAY!

Wearing the glassess without lense while on the way to there

My sis acting like a celebrity star

While waiting for the food at Delifrance , hungry!

My sis

My seafood lasagna

Yummylicious Lobster Bisque

Bored while waiting for food at Coffee House

Lurb? ❤

Left is greentea, right is Mint . Yummy!

Chocolate + Strawberry

Drooling? LOL

Self love ~

Me with my trimmed eyebrows

My thigh looks darn fair , someone will jealous , haha!















Ta-tah ! Update soon!

p/s : Neoprints pictures is up!


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